Andrew Smith has been working professionally in the entertainment and visualization industries since 2009. He has experience working as a Character Artist in the games industry and teaching 3d art as a college instructor.

His career began at The University of Southern California’s Institute for Creative Technologies as a character artist. His project was created for the United States military, focusing on helping explore how VR and AR can have a positive influence on treating soldiers with PTSD. Two years later, Andrew joined the University of Michigan’s 3D Lab where he had the opportunity to work on a gamut of compelling projects, across multiple mediums. His team published a mobile game called Sci-Hard that aimed to help people with spinal cord injuries adapt to their new lifestyle. He also lead the labs efforts on starting a photogrammetry project that would digitally preserve the artifacts being kept at the Universities museums.

Andrew eventually found his way back to his alma mater and served as an instructor and program advisor for nearly five years. He taught all of the upper level 3d courses that included digital sculpting, vehicle & structure, advanced characters, rendering and lighting, and VFX. Andrew left Ferris State University to work at Impulse Gear on the PSVR game called Farpoint. He was responsible for creating all of the characters and creatures in the game. Andrew left Impulse Gear to be at home in Michigan with his wife to better support his family. He currently works at Think Chromatic as a Project Lead where he manages production of many high budget Arch-Viz projects.

Andrew recently started Horizon Cut Studios LLC, a next generation wood working studio, that draws inspiration from video game art and geek culture for its creations.